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We are looking for volunteers to befriend a person who is socially isolated and may also struggle with addiction, homelessness and mental health issues.


General responsibilities

> Developing a companionship level relationship with their befriendee (we match male-male and female-female).
> Accompanying the befriendee to social activities and community groups.
> Participate in induction and on-going training as appropriate and adhere to all procedures and policies.
Sending number of hours you spend with the befriendee, on a monthly basis, to Passing the Baton staff.

Important pre-requisites for the role

> A befriender should have integrity, be reliable and non-judgemental and be aware of confidentiality issues which may arise regarding the individual.
> Be sociable and have an approachable manner.
> Have good time management and organisational skills.
> Be 18 years old or over.
> Be able to operate under the guidance and support of Passing the Baton staff.
> A person of Christian faith, rooted in a Christian community.

All befrienders will receive the necessary Passing the Baton training before becoming a befriender.


Location: Within Edinburgh. As far as possible, we will try and match you to a befriendee who is geographically close to you.

Pattern of hours: It may be necessary, for the first 2-3 months, to meet up with the befriendee for 1.5 – 2 hours every 1-2 weeks to build a relationship before taking them to a group. Where possible, we encourage you to meet during Bethany office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) to ensure a staff member is available in case of emergency.


Apply Now

As Bethany is a Christian organisation applicants interested should be in sympathy with and accept the mission, vision and values of the organisation.

Please send your application to

CVs will not be accepted as a substitute for an application form
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