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Our Services

Our services provide high quality, personalised support, giving relief in times of crisis and enabling people to flourish in their local community.

We support around 7,000 people a year with over 30 different services across Scotland. Whether someone is at risk of losing their home, in recovery or already out on the streets, Bethany will be there to help.

An Integrated Approach

There are many routes into homelessness, so we need more than one response. Often people have complex needs and require different types of support to overcome the challenges they face in life. We want to walk alongside individuals at every step of their journey with support that brings long-lasting change.

To do this we take an integrated approach, which means we provide a wide range of support services that all work towards our aim of ending homelessness in specific, practical ways.

Our services are grouped into three streams of support, each addressing a different stage in the journey out of homelessness.

Founded in Leith in 1983, Bethany Christian Trust has grown to include over 30 services spread across Scotland, from Dumfries to Stornoway.

Every community is different so we take a grounded approach, working closely with local people, churches and organisations to meet the needs of those living there.   

Homelessness Prevention

Strengthening communities

Loneliness, poor mental health, employment issues, family breakdown and problems with drugs and alcohol are just a few of the reasons that people become homeless in Scotland. Our Homelessness Prevention teams exist to address these issues and help increase people’s resilience to the causes of homelessness before it occurs.

We have community development workers positioned throughout Scotland, running drop-ins, craft groups, recovery programmes and more. Through these we connect people to other services and partner organisations, so they can build up networks of support and address underlying issues that could lead to homelessness.

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Crisis Intervention

Meeting people in their emergency

As well as fighting hard against the causes of homelessness, we are there for people in their moment of need and our Crisis Intervention teams are equipped for just this.

Services such as the Rapid Re-accommodation Welcome Centre, Anne Hope House and Bethany House provide safe, welcoming accommodation for people with immediate needs. Our Care Vans go out every day, offering food, drink and a friendly face to people on the streets. Once we’ve connected with these men and women and given them a safe environment, we can develop individual solutions for a long-lasting impact.

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Housing and Support

A fresh start and place to call home

It’s not enough to just intervene in a moment of crisis, we want to provide people who have been homeless with sustainable solutions in which they can thrive and grow.

Our Housing and Support teams provide tenancies in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dumfries, Fife, West Lothian and Aberdeen for families and individuals in need of a fresh start and a place to call home. Through ongoing friendship and mentorship, we help our tenants to maintain these tenancies. This support is crucial, providing guidance on employment and financial management while also helping people build roots in their local community.

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