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We are looking for volunteers to support the running of Bridge to Freedom, our Christian community-based recovery group for people who are suffering from substance addiction and are looking to establish abstinence.


General responsibilities

> Helping to set up the room for use during the group and prepare refreshments. After the group has finished, the volunteer is also expected to assist in cleaning and housekeeping. For this reason the volunteer should arrive on time and give as much notice as possible if they are unable to volunteer.
> Helping to make the individuals attending the group feel welcomed and comfortable, whilst also maintaining appropriate boundaries. This can be through serving food and drinks, chatting during the breaks and contributing to the group discussion.
> Signposting individuals who are seeking additional support to Bethany Christian Trust staff.
> Alerting a staff member of any concerns about an individual or situation within the group.

Important pre-requisites for the role

> Be 18 years old or over.
> Be a person of Christian faith, rooted in a Church community.
> Be aware of, and able to demonstrate, good confidentiality and boundaries practice.
> Be able to operate under the guidance and support of the Bethany Christian Trust staff.
> Be sociable and have an approachable manner.
> Have good time management and organisational skills.
> This role requires all attendees, including volunteers, to be vulnerable and open. Volunteers should be comfortable with this, and have healthily processed any trauma or experiences that may be touched upon in such a group. This is to ensure that a) the focus remains on the clients, and b) that volunteers are able to support clients using the context of their experience.
> The role may be challenging, and so the volunteer must be patient, understanding, non- judgemental and willing to be proactive in engendering a positive environment.
> Volunteers must complete the necessary training and induction for this role.


There are various groups at different locations. Volunteers must indicate the group they wish to join, while understanding that this may not always be possible due to the current volunteer capacity. Volunteers must attend one group consistently.

City Centre Tuesdays, 2-4pm
Gorebridge: Fridays, 2-4pm
Leith: Mondays, 2-4pm

Details on request.

Aberdeen and Inverness:
Details on request.

Pattern of hours: Bridge to Freedom groups are 2-hours long, with an expectation that volunteers will arrive early to help set up and also clear away at the end. Weekly or fortnightly commitment is expected for a period of at least 6 months.


Apply Now

As Bethany is a Christian organisation applicants interested should be in sympathy with and accept the mission, vision and values of the organisation.

Please send your application to

CVs will not be accepted as a substitute for an application form
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