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This year’s Welcome Centre Report is now out.

A comprehensive guide to the year, including stories, partnerships and impact.


Since 1996 there have been 152,875 occasions where someone has been prevented from sleeping rough due to emergency accommodation provided in Edinburgh by Bethany Christian Trust. Bethany Christian Trust is committed to continuing to support those who face the risk of rough sleeping and will be running the Welcome Centre again this coming winter season.
Despite the acute challenges this season, the Welcome Centre worked to provide life-saving accommodation, support people into stable accommodation and connect people to the appropriate support.

Trends seen in 2022-2023

  • A rise in under 20 year olds
  • More people subject to Immigration Control
  • People not knowing their rights, entitlement or the support available to them
  • Longer stays for those who cannot access homelessness services


Our Commitment

Based on the trends we have seen we will look to expand and strengthen the support available to those who stay with us.
During training we hope to improve staff knowledge of the needs and rights of those staying at the Welcome Centre.

Our Recommendations

We recommend the Welcome Centre continues to operate and provide the necessary emergency accommodation in Edinburgh.

To continue to develop our approach and expertise with people who have no access to public funds to help those in this situation.

In response to the growing female and younger populations in the demographics, to further develop a tailored and expert approach which helps mitigate the particular vulnerabilities of women and young people.
To create a Move On Project Worker role to help people into the correct and appropriate accommodation and support people through that transition with some follow-on support.

Rapid Re-accommodation Welcome Centre Report 2022-2023 (