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Thanks to your generous donations, every summer we partner with Hopscotch Holidays to give the children we support a holiday to remember. The children who enjoy these residential breaks wouldn’t be able to go on a holiday otherwise.

Many of the children we support have experienced significant childhood trauma.  Episodes of homelessness, cramped living conditions, poverty, isolation and conflict at home can mean that children have to grow up very quickly.

At Bethany we believe that every child deserves to be a child; to feel special and to experience joy and adventure during their childhood.  Hopscotch Holidays are designed to provide a sense of adventure, curiosity, freedom and possibility.  Experienced support workers encourage each child and, on their return, 1-2-1 therapeutic befriending is available so they can continue to experience freedom and breakthrough at home.

The leaders made me feel safe and secure. They gave me the confidence to try new things.

This year, in addition to the Hopscotch Holidays, we are offering residential weekends in Lendrickmuir to some of the families that we support.  These residential weekends help to provide relief for children experiencing difficult conditions at home. They also allow families to create happy, lasting summer memories together.

This is the first time in two years that we have all spent time together. Time away has challenged me to take a different outlook on my children’s life.

Let kids be kids this summer – please donate to our Summer appeal to send children on the holiday of a lifetime.