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Winter can be a darker time for people who are vulnerable or experiencing homelessness.

This Winter we are inviting you to join with us in giving peace and joy. One of our former residents of Bethany Christian Centre, Alex, shared his journey of finding light while with us, having previously suffered deep trauma.

You can read his story here.

Over the Winter period, we will see many people facing challenges like Alex once did. Will you help give peace and joy by donating today?

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I tried a couple of programmes but I couldn’t do it, it didn’t last. I wasn’t willing to deal with the pain and hurt in my past. It was too difficult.

I phoned Bethany Christian Trust and was like, 'I need a room.' The lady phoned back the next day with an offer of a place in the Centre, and we planned support to detox.

Extract from Alex’s Story
Read more here.

How Can You Help?


could provide, linen, towels and a toiletry welcome pack for a person entering into Bethany House, helping them to have a new and fresh start.


could provide weekly one-to-one support, helping someone access more permanent accommodation following a crisis.


could help provide a week of recovery group sessions for residents at Bethany Christian Centre.

Give peace and joy this Winter. Donate to our appeal today.