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As we move into 2024, we wanted to take a moment to thank our supporters for their incredible, ongoing support of our work here at Bethany Christian Trust.

A story of partnership...

We hope you are encouraged by this update as we outline what we have been able to achieve in the past year thanks to the ongoing support of so many.

Work has been expanded in areas across Scotland, including supported tenancies, Care Vans, and homelessness prevention services.

Your gifts have allowed the vision of Bethany to advance and support to expand into Fife, Glasgow and Dundee.

We trust that you will enjoy reading the stories contained in this New Year Update. So many have played a vital role in making all of this possible; we look forward to more stories like these in the future as we continue to work together in ending homelessness.

With grateful thanks,

The Bethany Team

Read the 2024 New Year Update...

New Year Update