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‘Give Kids a Break’ FAQs

Why are you providing holidays and daytrips?  

Many of the children that Bethany supports have experienced significant childhood trauma. Episodes of homelessness, cramped living conditions, poverty, conflict at home, and the rising cost of living are affecting the mental health and self-esteem of many children. At Bethany we believe that every child deserves to feel special and experience joy during their childhood.  

What is the benefit of these holidays and daytrips?  

Living in crisis without the stable routine of school can make the children we support feel particularly isolated. The holidays and daytrips provide some respite from difficult conditions at home and provide an opportunity for children to create lifelong memories with new friends. The children who enjoy these holidays and daytrips probably wouldn’t be able to go on a holiday otherwise. The holidays and daytrips also provide an opportunity for Bethany’s support workers to build relationships and trust with the children they support.   

What is the campaign target?  

The campaign target is £15,000. If we achieve over the budgeted amount for the full appeal the income will be allocated to where it is most needed within the work of Bethany Christian Trust. 

How do we select who gets to go on the holidays?  

The families that are invited on our day trips and weekend breaks are families that we have been working with throughout the year in our homelessness prevention services. This may be through community groups, families work in schools, Connect to Community and Bridge to Freedom. You can learn more about our services in the West here. 

Whilst we know that there are a lot of families that deserve a break and need some help in doing so, we would only invite families that we are already supporting and that we would continue to have that connection with after the time away. 

Our website ‘Get Help’ section filters the services on offer by area which in turn can help interested individuals and families be eligible for a holiday next year. 

Where and when are the holidays and daytrips?  

The holidays and daytrips are across Scotland including locations like Lendrick Muir and Fort William. They take place throughout the summer, starting in May and ending in September.  

What kind of activities do the kids enjoy at the holidays and daytrips?  

Activities include a range of team building and outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, archery, horse riding, canoeing, water sports and treasure hunts.  

 What else do we do to support children during the summer break?  

We also provide ongoing counselling in communities and schools, to help kids process their home situations through our UpStream services across Glasgow and the West.