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Tina is one of Morningside’s long-term volunteers, having supported the Bethany Shop generously with her time for “more years than I can care to remember”.

She began volunteering at the shop after leaving the workforce, feeling she “needed a purpose in life”. Tina passed the shop as they were advertising for volunteers and as she says, “The rest is history.”

It has been one of the best things
I’ve done in my life.

Having met such a variety of people, from many countries around the world, volunteering with Bethany “been quite an education” for Tina and her strongest motivation was the thought of “so many people on the streets” being hard to contemplate.

Tina, Morningside Volunteer of the Month in April 2024.
Tina, Volunteer of the Month for April 2024, in the Morningside Shop.

“I could give a little something back to these people.”

Tina told us that, “It has been very, very satisfying to feel that you’re doing something,” and that there is a lot going on behind the scenes that people won’t see day to day. “I’ve been very blessed in all the people that I’ve met, and in all the things that I’ve done through [volunteering] for Bethany. So, I would recommend it. It’s very worthwhile volunteering.”

Tina, we are so thankful for your dedication of time and energy to our work ending homelessness in Scotland, one person at a time. This work cannot continue without the faithful service and loving hearts of people like you!