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Edinburgh-based fine artist, Linda Hoskins, has a history of making art that inspires viewers and has a direct social impact.

Linda founded the Stay Seen Project in 2020, raising funds and awareness for charity, SOHTIS, and donated an incredible £10,000 for survivors of human trafficking in Scotland.

Her current project, called Pure Warrior, focuses on supporting Anne Hope House, our residential community for women who are recovering from homelessness in Edinburgh.

Linda said this of the upcoming Illuminate exhibition, of which 10% of funds raised will be donated to Bethany:

‘The work that will be exhibited at Illuminate is full of hope, full of light and full of joy. This exhibition is supposed to make you feel.

The artwork uses colour to highlight the darkness some people face in life and offers a sense that there is always hope. The light can break in and the course of a life can be redirected.’

Working closely alongside charities she is passionate about is central to Linda’s practice as an artist. She was personally inspired by the heart-breaking story of Ariel*, a woman Linda met one cold evening in Edinburgh. Ariel was hurt and battling with past and current trauma when she reached out to Linda for help. Anne Hope House looked to provide sanctuary and recovery but, sadly, Ariel lost her battle with trauma too soon. She never made it to Anne Hope House.

It is this greater cause which gives Linda’s artwork such intensity.

‘The joy of partnering with charities is to be part of something bigger than me. The highlight is when my work leads to bigger conversations. Those conversations might be about the work of the charities and the people they support, they help people find a connecting point with one another.’

A close-up of one of the artworks due to be exhibited. The work is rich with feeling, intensity and light. 

We highly recommend you seek out the exhibition when it opens at the end of the month. Illuminate is sure to stir your emotions, start conversations and inspire you to think about the stories behind Bethany’s work.

Thank you Linda for supporting Bethany and sharing this story with us all.

You can read more about Linda’s inspiration and Ariel’s story here.

The fine art exhibition Illuminate will run from 28th March to 8th April, with a private viewing on launch night, and full public display thereafter.

Location: Virgin Money, 83 George Street, Edinburgh

*indicates changed name to protect anonymity