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Summer holidays are here and we all need a break – time to get away, laugh, and build positive, lifelong memories together. Sadly, some families in Scotland don’t get this chance.

This summer we’re inviting you to join with us again and help Give Kids a Break. We’re sending children we support across Scotland on daytrips and holidays to help them have a break and experience new activities. We are also providing ongoing counselling as well as employability training to young adults, helping them to process their home situations, break the cycle of homelessness and find stable employment upon leaving school.

Can you help Give Kids a Break by donating today?

“It’s been really good having this quality time with the kids, which I know they have loved as well. I also loved meeting new people from similar backgrounds” – Susan*

*Feedback from 2022 holidays. Name changed to protect identity.
Funds raised by the ‘Give Kids a Break’ campaign will support holidays, counselling and employability training for the children and young people whom Bethany supports. If the total required for these activities is raised, any further donations will be used where they are most needed in our work across Scotland.