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Issue 56 of the Bugle Magazine is out now!

With contributions from members of the Bugle Creative Writing Group, the latest issue looks at topics as far ranging as personal experiences of homelessness, love and music, ‘The Human Soul’, and the latest news at Hibernian F.C.

Make sure to check it out on the Bugle website here:

Read the Bugle Issue 56

This issue begins with a piece from writer aja, called ‘Confessions of a Waste of Space’. He opens these heartfelt, visceral and honest reflections with an exhortation, a question for others experiencing homelessness but also applicable for those who aren’t:

I am writing from my own experience, wondering, if the following will have any bearing on you?

The Bugle Magazine is released three times every year. It collects together contributions made by people who use or who have used The Bethany Christian Trust’s services, particularly those who attend The Bugle Creative Writing Group on Wednesday afternoons. The magazine contains a range of artworks, poems, stories and articles. Some are reflective, some are challenging and some are just to make you smile! Either way, there is something for everyone.

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