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Rikki’s Story – My Life Transformed

Wednesday 29th June 2016

For 10 years I worked in a factory. I’d always been a hard-worker but working unsociable shifts isolated me and in time got me really depressed. After suffering a breakdown I lost my job and found myself withdrawn and lonely.…

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My Life Transformed – Lorraine’s Story

Wednesday 25th May 2016

Before I met with someone from Bethany I was struggling to keep a flat. I was suffering from extreme anxiety and was feeling overwhelmed, I couldn't keep on top of things. Because of my anxiety I never kept a tenancy…

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What changes would you like to see in the provision of mental health services?

Tuesday 17th May 2016

We asked the people who attended our mental health awareness workshop what changes they would like to see in the provision of mental health services. Here's their feedback: I’d like to see shorter waiting times to be seen by someone.…

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