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Anne Hope House would like to nominate Carole Bobby as Volunteer of the month. Carole has been a faithful Sunday Sleep Over volunteer for the last two and a half years. She is incredibly committed and consistent in her faithfulness to Anne Hope House. Rain or shine, Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve – she sticks to the shifts she has committed to do.

She arrives in her stylish jumpers (most of the staff are envious of her impeccable taste), and joins the Sunday dinner chat and eating, catches up with the happenings of the week and shows such a lot of care and interest in the residents and their lives. She then regularly ushers staff out of the kitchen and insists on helping with the washing-up saying that she is aware staff will have paperwork to complete.  There have been plenty of burnt roasting tins that she has tackled with gusto too!

With her gentle demeanour and genuine empathy Carole makes herself available to residents, sitting with them, being willing to chat if people would like to but equally able to just be present and share a TV programme with them.  Residents eagerly anticipate her presence on a Sunday evening and look forward to seeing her each week. Our residents say that “Carole is generous with her time, she is always busy and looking for ways she can help and we notice that. She also asks us about things that are going on. She’s interested in us – She’s great!”

Carole, we’re so grateful for the time, commitment, love and connection you bring to all of us in Anne Hope House. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your faithful serving and loving. You’re an awesome pillar of support to us all.