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That’s what we’re all about. Every year, thanks to people like you, we are supporting over 7,000 people in Scotland.

We’re working with individuals and local communities across Scotland to prevent homelessness.

We support families, young people, rough sleepers and people recovering from addiction. The need for our services is growing and your support is vital.

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Latest News

Next Scottish Government must act as demand for rough sleeping shelters rises

Thu 28th April 2016

Three homelessness charities in Scotland are calling for action from the next Scottish Government as

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4 Benefits of Befriending

Mon 25th April 2016

Did you know that half of all people aged 75 and over live alone? Last

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Loneliness

Tue 12th April 2016

#1 Loneliness alters brain structure Recent research has revealed that prolonged periods of loneliness alters

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Bethany Receives £150,000 from STV Children’s Appeal

Tue 8th March 2016

Bethany Christian Trust has received £150,000 from the STV Children’s Appeal. Read the press release

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Become A Hero – Volunteer

Thu 3rd March 2016

Join the team of heroes who make our work possible and get the opportunity to…

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Investing Green – Ethical Asset Management

Mon 29th February 2016

We all have financial goals, but how do we reach them? Our partner, Investing Green,

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My Life Transformed – Brian’s Story

Tue 23rd February 2016

I was brought up in a loving a caring family. I never lacked for anything.

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Be A Retail Hero

Wed 10th February 2016

We wouldn’t be able to transform so many lives without the commitment of shop volunteers.

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When Meritocracy Shames People

Wed 3rd February 2016

How can you be sure that the people you support genuinely deserve your help? Someone

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Marcin’s Story – My Life Transformed

Tue 26th January 2016

I came into contact with Bethany because I had become homeless. I had moved to

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