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Buy a Bed

For the third year in a row, we are launching our Care Shelter voucher scheme where supporters have the opportunity to purchase a gift for people who are homeless to stay at the Winter Care Shelter.

For every £21 every voucher purchased, the Edinburgh Care Shelter* will provide a person who would otherwise be sleeping rough, homeless on the streets this Christmas, the following assistance:

  • Overnight shelter from 9:30pm till 7am
  • A warm bed space to sleep
  • Safety from the elements
  • Care and support from professional staff
  • Access to a freshly prepared hot two course meal
  • Breakfast in the morning
  • Access to a range of professional on-site services
  • Support for the individual to move out of the crisis of homelessness

Will you consider helping someone today who is homeless in Scotland? Your gift could mean the difference between someone having to sleep rough and sleeping overnight in a warm and safe space. Bethany’s Winter Care Shelter provides overnight care, shelter and sleeping facilities to people who are homeless every night of the week from September 2019 until May 2020.

Thank you sincerely for your generous support.

*Please note Individuals do not require this voucher to access the service.