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Spring Appeal 2021

Building Connections

In what has been a very lonely year for many, the relationships we have with our loved ones have felt like a lifeline. At Bethany, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to have a network of support around them and a place to feel safe.

This Spring we’d like to share how Andrew* has changed his life with the help of Bethany’s Connect to Community; a service that helps those facing homelessness when leaving prison.

“I was in prison for eight years so to come out to this world, I actually think to myself – what has happened? It’s like you have been transported to a different planet. Like you have been kept in limbo, and then flung into outer space, and told to find your way home. Sometimes I just look at this Covid world and think ‘What planet am I on?’ because I don’t recognise anything about it.

Faith, obviously, can help with all of life, but in the short term I needed some ‘clean time’ – time in the outside world without using any substances, to give myself a chance. To achieve that it’s important to connect with people who understand these struggles. They can help you get through the adjustments and get to the other side. And Bethany has done that for me.”

Through Bethany, Andrew has the opportunity to surround himself with a supportive community as he continues on his addiction recovery journey after prison. We need your help to give more people a chance to break out of the cycles of homelessness and build connections that will transform their lives.

Join us now and donate today so we can support people like Andrew with essential care for when they need it most.

*Name changed to protect anonymity