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Kharis Court

Our purpose-built residential unit in Bathgate, West Lothian is called Kharis Court which means “grace”. Kharis Court offers a residential housing support service to young men and women aged 16-25.


Kharis Court meets a need for a residential housing support service with 24-hour support. Each resident has a dedicated Support Worker, and we offer support on a wide range of issues. This includes help with tenancy issues, group work, topical discussions, sport, outings and house meetings – as well as a range of learning and recreational opportunities

Our focus is on building solid foundations and strong relationships  with well-trained, sensitive and responsive staff.

Another valuable asset at Kharis Court is the provision of a two bed independent shared flat, for those moving on to greater independence from the unit.  We prepare individuals for maintaining and looking after themselves in their own tenancy.

We also offer a floating support service for a further three independent flats attached to Kharis Court. This is for young men or women who are living independently but with continued support for up to two years before they move on to their own tenancy in the community.

Who Can Apply?
Young men and women aged 16-25 can apply to stay in our Supported Hostel and then have the possibility of moving on to the shared two bed flat.

How to apply?
Referrals can be made through West Lothian Council primarily, Through Care After Care (TCAC) or through their Local Health Visitor & Social Worker.

To call Kharis Court directly to find our more information call 01506 634395

Kharis Court
24 Race Road
EH48 2AP
01506 634395


Housing Support Fife

Housing Support Fife offers a support service to vulnerable adults living in their own tenancies in the Levenmouth area, Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy.


Our services helps service users to develop their own ability to live independently in the community.  Bethany Support Workers offer service users advice on  budgeting, addiction relapse prevention, independent living skills, emotional issues, benefits, household management and developing social skills.  The Housing Support team works in partnership with other appropriate statutory and voluntary agencies in the community.

Who uses this service?
The service can be used by any vulnerable adults – single men and women, and families who have been formally referred by agencies.

Service users’ needs are assessed and an appropriate support framework is put in place to support them in their day-to-day lives.  The programme of support is tailor-made for each individual.  The level of support provided by the Support Worker is periodically reassessed and progressively decreased as the service user becomes more independent within society.

Contact details for Housing Support Fife:

213/217 Wellesley Road
01333 305367


Bethany Supported Housing in Dumfries

Our housing project in Dumfries has been running since 2002 and is now complemented by easy-to-access street level drop-ins. The service helps people to address issues that undermine the ability to live independently within the community.


What Does “Supported Housing – Dumfries” Offer?

Bethany Supported Housing provides fully furnished, single accommodation in Dumfries, primarily for homeless and vulnerable people. Individual packages of accommodation with support are in place to assist clients develop their ability to live independently in the community. Support and advice is available for budgeting, relapse prevention, independent living skills, emotional issues, benefits, household management, education and training. Support is provided to clients in their own homes by Bethany staff working in partnership with other relevant statutory and voluntary agencies in the community.

Who Can Apply?

The service considers formal referrals of single men and women over the age of 18 who are homeless in Dumfries and Galloway and in need of support to maintain an independent tenancy. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate clients who have high support needs, who do not wish to receive support, who have a chaotic lifestyle or challenging behaviour.

How To Apply

Referrals should normally come via Dumfries and Galloway Housing Department although other agencies working with clients may contact the project. Application forms will be made available on request to appropriate agencies. As part of the interview and assessment process, references are requested from the referring agency and from agencies which have worked closely with referred clients. e.g. Social Worker, Housing Worker, G.P., Advice Agency, etc.

To find out more, or for details of the project, contact the office at:
36 Whitesands,

(t): 01387 259 400 (e):