The Toastie Club is a Bethany Christian Trust service in partnership with Kings Community Church in Aberdeen which provides a weekly drop in for vulnerable and homeless people to get together and grab a bite to eat every Wednesday lunchtime.

We asked regular diner, Eddie what The Toastie Club means to him:

This place has become an integral part of my journey of self discovery.

While as the name suggests it’s primarily to feed the hungry people who struggle financially on benefits, to me it’s more about feeding my soul and easing my struggles. It’s not the food that brings me back week after week it’s the amazing kindness by the hard working people who make this what is a sanctuary for us all. A brief respite from the streets.

The many professional agencies under one roof in a safe environment is such a valuable service for the many issues that homelessness can throw at you. NHS-Mental Health, ADA-Alcohol & Drug Addictions, Shelter -Homelessness.

I can’t not talk about the delicious food and lovely smiling volunteers from the welcome at the door to the wonderful wee kitchen to getting a haircut but to summarise in a few words what the Toastie Club means to me is -social interaction, fellowship, professional guidance and support and of course as the name so aptly suggests a Home Made delicious Toastie made with love in the place I call my Spiritual Home. Kings Community Church.

God Bless this wonderful place of worship given to me by Jesus to help and guide me through what has and is still an ongoing 21 months of sobriety. A heartfelt thank you to Bethany Christian Trust’s Toastie Club and Kings Community Church for being a major influencing factor in this journey

Thank you to Eddie, Kings Community Church and all who help run the club!