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All our services focus on relieving the suffering and meeting the long terms needs of homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland.

Bethany supports almost 7,000 people a year across Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bathgate, Dundee, Aberdeen, Dumfries and Fife.

We provide high quality support services and accommodation for people who are at risk of becoming homeless, people who are currently homeless and people who have been homeless but now have their own home. We support people in a broad range of ways including: housing, education and employment, addiction recovery, emotional well-being, street outreach, community integration, offending reduction and social support.

Our integrated approach consists of 3 core streams of life-changing services: Homelessness Prevention, Crisis Intervention and Housing & Support. 

All our services are grouped by project type:

Homelessness Prevention focuses on community based partnerships that provide sustainable, long-term solutions to some of the most challenging situations in some of Scotland’s most deprived communities. We recognise that every community is different. We want to give local people the support and tools to find the solutions that are right for them. Examples of these services include community choirs, employability workshops and homework clubs.

Crisis Intervention works with people on the streets and in supported accommodation. These projects provide furniture and household basics, as well as practical support for people working towards an alcohol and drug free life in the community. Some examples of these services include the Care Shelter and the Care Van.

Housing & Support covers a number of projects for people who have housing needs but who also need support with associated issues. These range from health and social networks to budgeting and finding work or volunteering opportunities.

Bethany's services

If you want to contact us about using any of our services you can contact us by email or call our reception on 0131 561 8930.