The festive season is traditionally a time for families and communities to come together and celebrate their relationships.

As we celebrate the birth of Christ and the beginning of our relationship with Him, we also celebrate our relationships with loved ones by exchanging gifts and spending time together.

Sadly, for some Christmas can be a challenging time.  The stark contrast between those who can rely on strong relationships and those who are isolated can leave some feeling hopeless and unloved.

This winter we would like to invite you to give the gifts of hope and love by remembering those that are normally on the periphery of our society – people who would find themselves isolated were it not for the staff and volunteers at the life-saving services on which they rely.

Your donation will support services that offer much more than food and shelter this winter – they offer unconditional love and hope for the future.  Bethany’s services are the bridge that rebuilds and strengthens relationships between an individual and their community. By demonstrating the love of Christ in action, our hope is that together we can End Homelessness in Scotland… one person at a time.

Thank you again for your support this Christmas.