Volunteers’ Week takes place every year from the 1st – 7th June and is a chance to say thank you for the fantastic contribution volunteers make UK wide.

Here at Bethany we have amazing volunteers who dedicate their time and energy into the many different and varied services of Bethany Christian Trust. From serving meals on our Bethany Care Van to spending the night over at our women’s therapeutic centre – Anne Hope House.

It is also a unique time for volunteering when the country is still under lockdown so we asked a couple of our current volunteers why they still want to volunteer during a pandemic.

Colin, who volunteers on our Care Van said:

I love the Care Van because it serves people on the street in their time of need, being able to help people face to face is a great honour. Never more has Bethany Christian Trust been needed to keep people safe, I’m grateful to be able to continue to serve those who need us.

Dace who volunteers at Anne Hope House said:

Volunteering at Anne Hope could not have come at a better time! Having to cut down on seeing people, going along and having contact with folks has been a great blessing.

It’s been most enjoyable to get to know the ladies that work at Anne Hope. Every week I come away having had a great conversation, a good laugh and I’ve learnt something new about an experience of life that is so different to mine.

Although most of our lives have come to almost a standstill, for the ladies that Anne Hope House seeks to serve it hasn’t. The same issues of abuse, drug addiction, homelessness etc. are still very much there. In fact, with so many offices and services closing down or operating a reduced service, it is so important to keep providing help and support for those who need it.

I’ve now learnt how important and valued volunteers are to keep these centres open. Even though I only help out once a week I feel very much part of a team that makes such a big difference in people’s lives.

Thank you to all our volunteers. We can’t do this without you and we thank each and every one of you who has helped us over the years!

Have you considered volunteering with us? You can learn more about what we offer here or simply email us at volunteers@bethanychristiantrust.com

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