This week is volunteers week and we are celebrating the contribution that our Bethany volunteers make to ending homelessness across Scotland. Check out our social media over the coming days for some of their stories!

Our Volunteer Coordinator Edith has this to say;

“I have the privilege of seeing the huge difference that volunteers have made in the lives of others, and themselves.

The road to volunteering is different for everyone. For some, it is a way to gain experience and skills, for others, it is because they feel called to offer their time in a particular area of need. For most, it is a mixture of lots of different things!

Volunteering has taken on particular significance in the last year or so; at a time where we have all been at a distance, volunteering provides a way for us to be connected.

There is so much joy in seeing these connections. They can be brief, like a simple hello when passing over a hot drink, or forged over weeks and months of time and conversation. Each of them are equally important, and equally profound. A single word, a single hour a week, can be very powerful and make huge change.

Sometimes the connection is within the volunteers themselves.  Many have been furloughed, lost jobs or had studying put on pause. Volunteering provides not only a way to keep busy, but gives purpose, direction, and agency. It can help people feel more like themselves again as they share the knowledge and gifts they have in order to help others.

Lots of us are volunteers without even realizing it! Whether you have done the shop for a neighbour, or helped them in their garden, you have given your time in service of someone else.

If you are interested in finding out more about how your time can make a real change, or curious about what you can learn through volunteering with Bethany Christian Trust, please contact Edith at, or check out our opportunities online here.