With Befrienders Week (1-7 November) approaching, we wanted to highlight the integral work of our Passing the Baton service through the stories of two members that have experienced it first-hand!

Benson’s Story

I came to Edinburgh in 1998 from Kenya. I met Liz through attending a foodbank. When she knew I was a Christian she prayed with me, and those prayers worked and worked and worked. Things started to get better.

I joined Destiny Church in Leith in 2014 and found out about Bethany. I had a befriender through Passing the Baton, I joined their choir and then the Men’s Group. You make friends in community projects.

I like meeting the men at the group. I realise when listening to others my problems are not so bad! I would say to any man, “come to the group because when you are there you can help someone else.” Listening is better than talking!

Regina’s Story

I would like to share with you a few thoughts of all the good things, experience and great moments I had, have and definitely will have being a befriender.

Thanks to a good friend of mine that invited me to the Passing the Baton, I decided to go as it sounded very interesting to me, now I’m very proud of being part of such a wonderful gathering of amazing people!

From day one I learnt from Bethany the ways and manners of directing to people that are in some need and learning how to show them respect, love and care but with the right measurement! As each one is in a different stage and what is perfect for someone is either too much or too little for another!

I’ve been doing this around two years now, so not much experience jet! But I can tell you that every minute you are with your befriendee is worth it as it’s a two-way rewarding moment, you see them getting more confident and when you meet them and see them smiling at you! It makes your heart go faster and an inner happiness jumps inside you!

So I would encourage anyone to join in being a befriender as it makes your life fuller, meaningful and so much happier!

If you would like to know more about the service or are interested in volunteering, get in touch with us today at ptb@bethanychristiantrust.com or here.