A Story from Rag n’ Roll

Rag ‘n’ Roll is a self-reliant group based in Gracemount Mansion and partly supported by Bethany. The group meets up once a week on Thursdays to make rag rugs and teach one another other skills.

Here are some personal testimonies from some of the women at Rag n’ Roll.

I was feeling lonely. After giving birth to my second child, I had moved house from one end of Edinburgh to the other.  I felt so isolated as I knew no one from the area and found it difficult to communicate with other people.  I used to drop my daughter off at nursery and tried to befriend the other mums but it just seemed as if they had their own circle of acquaintances which made me back away.

A few months later I realised that there was a Self-Reliant Group (SRG) Rag ‘n’ Roll which met up on a weekly basis in the nursery premises and without thinking twice I joined the group and never looked back!

I have developed multiple skills. 

Joining Rag ‘n’ Roll has literally changed my life!  I met the most wonderful people who have become friends for life.  It has been 2 years and I enjoy looking forward to seeing them each week.

When I arrive at my group, settle into my chair with my hot cup of tea and interact with the rest of the group, it actually feels like a break!  I always go back home encouraged and refreshed.  I have skills I never knew I had, like sewing and rag rugging.  I’ve developed people skills.  I find it no trouble at all communicating with others.  I’ve gained emotional intelligence as I’ve developed new relationships.  I’ve gained leadership skills, and becoming a leader gave me opportunities to improve my public speaking and gain confidence in myself as an individuals.

I hope to encourage others. 

I hope to be able to give back to my community and others.  I would like to encourage other people who can be friends and inspire each other and develop new skills together.

Those who are finding it difficult to interact with people I would like to help them become more sociable and boost their confidence.  Our group has already talked to people at the YMCA about starting their own SRG.  Also we are looking to support a new SRG in Leith.