Greg’s Experience with Community Hubs

*Greg has been coming to our drop in café for around a year now. He initially came in because he had been made unemployed and needed food. He then came back on the Sunday looking for some milk, in fact he was always looking to borrow something, phone chargers, food but true to his word he always brought it back. He initially came bursting in with a big bound of energy and that hasn’t subsided. He found employment and disappeared again but returned when he was back at the job centre looking for work and needing food.

The last time he was unemployed something changed. He started coming more often and then to our discussion group, Messy Movies and finally on a Sunday morning to the Church service and was constantly asking what was going on and could he come along.

Like with everyone who comes we try to find out what they like to do, their skills, passions and interests and so we put Greg to work painting and wallpapering, just generally helping around the church building. We encouraged him to help at events such as dinners and in the nursery fixing things. He is an integral part of the Team Baptist Family.

Greg is back in employment at Toni Macaroni and looking at chef qualifications. He assures me that he isn’t disappearing from the café this time and pops in for a coffee before and after his shift.

He sent me this message when he got his new job,

To me it feels like you, *Brian and the ladies have helped, I felt that wee kick up the backside was what I needed. I knew I would be back to work soon but the faith was kinda wobbling a bit there so honestly felt like you and the others restored me. BIG BIG thanks.


*The individual’s name has been changed to protect his identity.