One step for Bethany Christian Trust in 2012, now means that hundreds of people in Glasgow and the West of Scotland are receiving support that both prevents and offers routes out of homelessness for individuals and families.

Combining the successful model of grassroots community support with the capacity and history of Bethany Christian Trust created an opportunity that was welcomed by Churches, local Government and the Third Sector. Most of all, the model benefited the people who are struggling with the effects of homelessness in communities within Glasgow.

Peter Collinson, the Pastor of Findlay Church tells us, “God’s providence brought together the local Glasgow work of Findlay Family Network and the additional resources of Bethany Christian Trust, that would become a tremendous blessing for the Church and communities across Glasgow and the West of Scotland. I believe the best is yet to come.”

And the best is coming sooner than we think. Just over the last few months, Bethany has been given investment to launch Bethany Homes in Glasgow, a service that provides temporary accommodation to those who are most in need. Layering on this support, to the already established prevention and recovery service, will enable additional support and hope for many more people like Jane.

If it wasn’t for God putting people in my path, support, love and things that I have never had in my life; my life would still be at death’s despair.

“This new step is only the first of many”, suggests John Craig the Pastor at Parkhead Nazarene. “More communities across the West of Scotland need this type of partnership.

Combining the learning and professional capacity of Bethany Christian Trust with local connectedness creates essential lifelines for people who are vulnerable and homeless.”

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