One moment of trust changed Sheila’s life forever.

“Going to prison was hard, but a journey that I accepted I would have to take. During my time there, thanks to Prison Fellowship, I developed an even deeper relationship with God. Through them I was fortunate to have met David McAdam from Connect to Community and this turned everything around for me.

David was always available to help and advise me, worked hard for the transition for my release and God was there to guide me through those first 48 hours.

God stood fast and patient with me as I floundered and my faith grew even deeper.

On release from prison, David put me in contact with The Wild Olive Tree café and Grace Chocolates. I volunteer at The Wild Olive Tree two days a week and one day with Grace Chocolates.

To be trusted in these placements and invited to be actively involved in the projects has done an enormous amount for my self-confidence and it has given me hope that I can find employment soon.

I am also called by God to help other people who are in the situation I was in and I am currently looking for an opening in this. Between Connect to Community and my faith my life is richly blessed.”

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