One business partnership means so much more is possible.

Ending homelessness in Scotland is an ambitious goal, however with partners like Craigie’s Farm we can work together towards this goal.

As a company, we have quite a strong set of values, especially being a family run business. Things like community, trust, improvement. And so having a charity partner allows us a focus on the bigger picture. Rowland, Craigie’s Farm

Both Craigie’s and Bethany Christian Trust share these values but they also share something else in common – producing good fruit! Craigie’s award winning jam depends on good fruit. Bethany Christian Trust invests in providing support that can bring about good fruit in the lives of people all over Scotland.

Working together is fun; it multiplies resources and it brings more to people who need it most. The benefits of the partnership is that it threads through multiple streams to bless many.

What a difference a home cooked meal can make to those living on the streets or living a chaotic lifestyle. In recovery, it means a lot to be part of a community and to be shown love. Love is shown and experienced through acts of hospitality and sharing food around a table.

“Our guests always compliment the cooking and, in particular, the Spag Bol and Craigie’s jam sponge went down a treat a few weeks ago. The men and women who come into our drop-in really appreciate the kindness that is shown to them. Working together with Bethany and helping many in recovery is a real privilege.

“I think the great thing about having a charity partner is it allows us to embody our company values and it provides some perspective on the business side of things. It provides a broader perspective on what we are trying to achieve.”

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