Bethany Christian Trust’s Menzieshill Outdoor Art project documented by photographer Eoin Carey is forming a public exhibition on the Dundee Waterfront throughout the summer.  

These powerful images celebrate the creativity of residents who worked alongside local artists to create a series of artworks within the vibrant community of Menzieshill. Large scale prints of Eoin Carey’s photographs will be displayed at the Dundee Waterfront Development as part of the Sharing Not Hoarding public art project.

A participant in the Menzieshill Outdoor Art Project photographed by Eoin Carey

Developed by Bethany Christian Trust’s Creative Expressions service through consultation with members of the community, the Menzieshill Outdoor Art Project consisted of a series of artist led workshops in April followed by an open air art exhibition in May. Creative Expressions is part of Bethany’s homelessness prevention initiative, and aims to empower and support communities and individuals through the creative arts.

Residents of all ages explored different media working alongside textile artist Rhona Jack, photographer Ciara Menzies and street artist C. Gul, creating wonderful interventions that drew attention to the outdoor spaces in the neighbourhood and the creativity evident in Menzieshill.

Artwork created in the Menzieshill Outdoor Art Project photo by Eoin Carey

Photographer Eoin Carey captured the creative process and display of the finished artworks within the community, and in doing so hoped to pay tribute to the strength and beauty he saw there. He writes:

“Menzieshill is the first part of Dundee you see as you approach from the South West, before anything else of the city is visible. It sits high over the surrounding neighbourhoods, almost above the clouds…It’s strange that an area of such altitude and such importance would not be commemorated with a monument….Any community that develops and dwells at height, in permanent view of the rest of the city, is deserved of a monument, and I hope these images act in that way.”

The Menzieshill Outdoor Art Project aims to strengthen ties within Menzieshill, breaking down barriers as well as providing an enriching creative experience for adults and young people in an area that has few such opportunities, particularly during the Covid 19 crisis. It has been supported by Inspiring Scotland’s Creative Communities fund, which is working to empower local communities to develop new arts initiatives.