New CEO Bethany Christian Trust - Alasdair Bennett

Alasdair Bennett, currently Director of Operations at Bethany Christian Trust, is to be the new Chief Executive of Bethany Christian Trust from 1 August.

Commenting on the appointment, Robert Gordon, Chair of the Bethany Board, said:

We are delighted at the end of a rigorous open recruitment process, which attracted a wide range of applicants, to have identified in Alasdair a leader with a real heart for homeless and vulnerable people, the vision and energy to take Bethany to the next level and the enthusiasm and personality to engage with a wide range of partners throughout Scotland.

Alasdair is moving into his new role having joined the organisation in 1997 and has worked with his colleagues across all services, delivering and leading emergency and resettlement, visiting and community support to the 4000 plus individuals and families who come to Bethany each year for help.

Alasdair Bennett said:

I count it a great privilege to be able to serve in this way, to lead Bethany Christian Trust forward with an amazing team of staff and volunteers, who together with our partners will continue to make it our mission to relieve suffering and meet the long term needs of homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland.  The level of need in our society is not abating; rough sleeping, addiction, poor mental health, poverty and loneliness continue to cause damage in our communities, in families and in individual lives.  I am passionate about extending our reach and support to respond in Christian love to the great need around us and to see thousands of living stories of impact and change, of suffering relieved and lives fulfilled.