Did you know that this week is Loneliness Awareness Week?  

The pandemic has naturally isolated people further and men are less likely to open up about how they are feeling with only 36% of NHS talking therapy referrals coming from men.  

With our Men’s Group in Leith, happening every Thursday, we hope to tackle this problem. It is a safe space to gather, share and connect with others where all our welcome.  

Allan Buchan tells us how the group gave him confidence and strength:

“While I have been recovering from a serious illness, small groups and drop-ins like Bethany’s Men’s Group and the Writing Group have made a valuable contribution to my progress. After many years of isolation, I had lost a great deal of confidence and had to find a way of rebuilding and strengthening. These groups gave me opportunities and support I could not get elsewhere. They were invaluable to me. I could test the water and see how I felt around people, and try out activities like music and art in a protected environment. Isolation is a bad thing, especially when compounded with an illness. Bethany has been important to me over the years and without these opportunities, I certainly would not have made the progress that I did.”

Learn more about our Men’s Group here: https://bit.ly/3wvqSw2