So often, we define people by what they have rather than what they do. Just because someone is homeless, it doesn’t mean they won’t have a job, an education, or hope for the future.

For us, truly ending homelessness starts with genuinely loving, serving and valuing people around us.

We can all do that.

We often label people as “homeless”, “vulnerable” or “unemployed”. What we don’t realise is that we are unintentionally devaluing people around us. Unless we change our culture from one of devaluing some of us because of their circumstance to one of valuing all people, we will never truly address homelessness.

Our hope is that we will see that every person, no matter their past or present circumstance, has value. Every person has worth. Every person has a hidden potential.

And by basing everything we do on Jesus’ example of loving, serving and valuing people around us, we want to build the basis of action which we believe can end homelessness in Scotland once and for all.

As part of #WorldHomelessnessWeek (9 – 15 October 2017) we launched our #HomelessNotHopeless campaign where we’ve shared stories from people who have been helped and supported by our services across Scotland. These are real stories of finding hope amidst hopeless circumstances.

Read this year’s annual report to find out how supporting our campaign and sharing stories like his can help us change attitudes about homelessness and bring about positive change in Scotland.

Watch Joe’s story below to hear about one person’s journey in finding hope amidst hopeless circumstances. 

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