Since 2008, we’ve been using the strapline: ‘Giving homeless and vulnerable people hope and a future’. That’s about to change. Here’s why:

Over the last 7 years we’ve realised that if we’re going to eradicate homelessness in Scotland, we must tackle the issues that lead people to becoming homeless.

More and more we’ve been investing in developing projects in local communities to stop homelessness before it happens.

While our work with homeless people and rough sleepers continues, a large number of people who use our services are not homeless.

In recent years we’ve also witnessed the stigmatisation of people affected by poverty in
the media. We believe this prevents people from believing that a brighter future is possible.

We, therefore, want to remove any labels in our vocabulary that could stigmatise the people who use our services. We felt that the word vulnerable was such a term. We all are, in some way or another, vulnerable.

Whilst our language is changing, our mission and values aren’t.

We’re still putting faith into action and demonstrating love in practical ways. All in all, we’re still committed to: transforming lives, that’s our new strapline.