Why did you choose Bethany?

I chose Bethany because I wanted to work with an organization whose mission and Christian values I was also passionate about. The opportunity to get involved in marketing and communications was exciting for me too as I knew the benefit in getting experience with these very applicable and practical skills.

What aspects of your volunteering/interning experience with us did you enjoy and why?

The most enjoyable aspect of my internship experience was the opportunity to share real-life stories of the personal ways Bethany made an impact on people and its employees. Part of my job was to keep people up to date with Bethany by sharing on media platforms various anecdotes, interviews, and comments from people involved in the services. I’d like to say I got to do a bit of “professional storytelling,” if you will. It was a humbling and rewarding opportunity to give so many transformed and compassionate people a voice.

How do you feel your time with Bethany was beneficial and what did you learn?

I’m definitely leaving my time here with a greater understanding of what it takes to grow and develop a brand particularly in terms of a charitable organization. On top of this, I witnessed and learned about far more complexities associated with homelessness than I initially had a full understanding of. I discovered strategies to fight the tragic problem of homelessness long-term, and I’m now more aware of the issue and how it affects both individuals and relationships.

What is the most significant thing you are taking away with you from your internship?

This internship introduced me to people that use their diverse professional gifts, skills and background to make a difference with the issue of homelessness. It was great to see people involved in the mission at so many different levels. I’ll walk away from Bethany reminded that God equips each individual differently with intention and that it is powerful when we come together, willing to share pieces of our different minds and strengths to love our neighbours better.

What would you change about your volunteering/internship experience with us?

I would change the fact that my internship is ending! I truly can’t think of anything else that I’d like to change.

Would you be keen to volunteer/intern again and why?

Of course! There are so many things to be learned here, but the true joy behind working with Bethany is the people. There was no shortage of entertainment or personality in the office or out at the different services. No day was quite the same!