Nothing says Easter more than the fresh, blooming flowers of spring and, of course, a grand Easter egg hunt; however, for many families across Scotland, hosting their own egg hunt is a luxury.

When 5% of families with children, 7% of single mothers and 4% of single fathers out of over 34,000 people across Scotland are experiencing homelessness, to have a day solely to enjoy the warm, spring air and have a bit of fun – ignoring the challenges they face – is priceless (Shelter Scotland 2017-2018).

Working closely to support families in crisis, whether it be through housing needs, community development or health check-ins, Bethany strives to provide services that improve the lives of families in need. Especially during this Easter, Bethany wanted to make the day extra special for the families in our community.

Hoping to give families in the Sighthill community a moment of Easter joy, Bethany organised an Easter egg hunt this past Saturday on 20 April. With the help of other organisations like With Kids, who support families and children with a range of therapeutic services, and that of volunteers like Julie Ann, a member of the Calders Green shoots community garden where the event was hosted; many children, families and community members joined in on the fun.

Generous donations of eggs from Tesco Costorphine and the help of St Nicholas church and Burtons Biscuits made the day a success. Families from the local community enjoyed the sunny weather while also enjoying their Easter holiday. The day was especially enjoyable for the children who, for some, had never participated in an egg hunt before.