Wednesday 5th December is International Volunteers Day! We asked our very own Marketing and Communications intern, Drew White, to share his volunteering experiences with us…

“My name is Drew White and I am Bethany’s Marketing and Communications intern. I am a 21 year old university student from the United States who happened to get lucky enough to work and volunteer for Bethany Christian Trust. Once I found out what Bethany was all about I knew I wanted to try and be a part of the positive change they make in Scotland every single day. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My typical day at Bethany consists of working alongside some of the brightest and most selfless individuals I have met, trying to promote the work we do in the best way possible. It is incredible how much I have learned from a marketing and public relations standpoint, but also from a character standpoint. The people at Bethany have a will to make the world a better place, and watching that will at work has given me hope for the future, knowing that there are wonderful people in the world who care deeply for others.”

“Bethany Christian Trust is trying to end homelessness. It is key to understand that homelessness is not hopelessness and that is because of organizations like Bethany. Without hope there can be no resilience in any community, and every single thing that Bethany does and is about promotes and provides hope in the community of Scotland. With this hope lives, relationships, families, homes, and communities are all restored and revitalized. It is truly an amazing thing to watch, and an even more amazing thing to be a part of. I am incredibly grateful that I have had the opportunity to volunteer and work for Bethany over the last few months, and thanks to them I will always have a home in Scotland.”

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