Here at Bethany, we provide a number of different services to people in need and it’s not unusual for a person to go through more than one on their road to recovery.  Dibor is an example of someone who has taken a positive and life-changing journey through Bethany Christian Trust. Here she has graciously allowed us to share her story:

“Since I was seven, I never had love. I was lost in my life but since meeting Bethany Christian Trust I’m a new person. They are my family.

“I was a refugee and living in temporary accommodation in Wales and one night when I was really struggling I was at a bus stop crying out the name of God. A Christian lady came to me and offered me some water and told me about the water that never runs dry. I was admitted to a Mental Health Hospital and when I was discharged, I tried to find work and start a new life but it didn’t work out.”

A friend called me and offered to let me move to Edinburgh and stay with her for a while. When she told me I couldn’t live with her anymore, I was admitted to hospital again but this time the hospital rang Bethany Christian Trust. When I came out of hospital, I was allowed to stay at Bethany House for a night, which turned into 11 months. My life changed. I made friends. They gave me clothes and every month we could go on trips like to the zoo and cinema. Every morning, they would knock on my door and check I was ok and safe. I felt like this was home.

“I started volunteering for Bethany’s Reception team and I’m with people who love me and understand me. I’ve never met anyone like Dianne and Louise. Through Bethany’s Passing the Baton befriending team, I met my befriender, Regina. She’s my friend, she’s very kind to me and shows me love and respect. I also really enjoy the Bugle Creative writing group and Sam keeping in touch with me and Monique making me welcome and they help by listening to me. All the staff at Bethany are amazing. I’ve never seen this kind of organisation in my life.”

Now I’m living in a Bethany flat. I was so happy when Lizzie told me I was accepted. It’s like Heaven for me. I’m just happy. In the future, I would like to go to College or University to get a job where I can help people as much as I can, to show love and respect. I want the world to know and hear about Bethany. They are people who work for God and they make a big difference. They changed my life and I never want to leave it behind”

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