11 year old David took part in the Glasgow Sleep Out last year and had a great time building his shelter for the night! We caught up with David who kindly shared his experiences with us…

Why did you want to take part in the Sleep Out?

My mum suggested the sleepout but I said “will it be safe?”. I like my own bed and toys and it sounded scary people walking by but she told me the organisers were bringing hot chocolate – so I was in!

What was the experience of the Sleep Out like?

The forecast was freezing temperatures so I put on 6 layers, then my wee sisters embarrassing pink ski suit so I had to cover that up with another 4 layers to hide it. It was fun for one night as I got to make a shelter out of cardboard but it must be really hard for homeless people to do it for several weeks or even years. I think it would be scary and lonely.

Any reflections from the Sleep Out?

Afterwards my friends and family were very kind and gave donations to Bethany which will be used to help people living in hard places. I think other children should do the sleep out as it makes you thankful for all you have and want to help people who have less.  David Devoti, 11, Coatbridge.

Sign up for the 50th Bethany Big Sleep Out taking place in Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews on Friday 8th March!