We started working with Davie 3 ½ years ago in Barlinnie. At the time he was a drifting heroin addict, with aspirations to be an actor, but suffering with low self-esteem due to childhood issues.

Acting was his way to cope, but when it went wrong, he had no resilience and quickly deteriorated into addictive behaviours that he had no control over.  His family was broken – he had no contact with his 10 year old son, who was cared for by the grandmother and had very little contact with his Dad.

For 12 months we worked closely with Davie in bringing stability and hope, pursuing work opportunities that he could cope with, and seeking to develop resilience in him. He made a choice to enter a residential rehab to address the roots of addiction, and having completed a full 12 month programme there, he then went on to a skills development programme in England.

His growing reliability was noticed by his family, and with great patience and persistence, he made monthly trips back to Glasgow to see them. At the start of 2018 he got engaged to Jen, a mum to four children, who abandoned by her husband 10 years ago when the two youngest were infants. In June 2018, they got married in Glasgow – with Davie’s son and Jen’s youngest son as the ushers, with Davie’s Dad as the best man, and with all of Davie’s family present.

He has shown great determination in rebuilding his life so that he is trusted again as a Dad to his own son, and has developed capacity to strengthen Jen’s parenting of her 4.

It’s amazing how working with someone for 12 months – one year of support and encouragement – can change someone’s life for the better.

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