Residents from Bethany Homes Glasgow are taking part in cooking classes in Parkhead.

Glasgow Bethany Homes is a new project in the area of Parkhead in Glasgow. In October 2018 our first tenant moved into their own one-bedroom home where they began their journey to leading a more independent life. We now have five occupied properties and each tenant receives support from Shona Howard, a Community Resettlement Worker.

The aim of this project is to help each tenant lead a more independent life. One of the ways in which we do this is by running a cooking class once a month. Nancy Ross is our volunteer who leads these sessions and she has many years of experience teaching children how to cook in schools. In each cooking session our Bethany tenants will cook a meal together and have the opportunity to serve it to a guest of their choice.

The brilliant thing about our cooking nights is that it encompasses so many life skills – how to read a recipe, time management, how to cook different foods, serving others, hospitality, hygiene, budgeting, working alone and working as a team. You can see over the course of each cooking night that our tenant’s confidence and relationship with one another is growing.

Project Worker, Shona Howard, shares with us:

I love the cooking classes because our tenants get to learn and grow together. Settling into a community can be difficult but it comes naturally in this environment. You can visibly see a positive change in each person when they successfully cook a meal and can serve it to someone who understands what they have accomplished.