Our Community Support and Development Team, based in Edinburgh, were delighted to be awarded Scottish Government Aspiring Communities Funding to help build four of the most deprived communities in the East of Scotland, including Moredun, Sighthill, Gorebridge and Menzieshill in Dundee.

We have been awarded £124,806 over two years until 31st August 2020! The money will allow for connecting and mobilising these local communities and also for addiction recovery groups to take place.

During Phase 1 of the Building Stronger Communities project, Bethany worked with four communities to identify local community assets and to develop community led solutions to tackling poverty and inequality. An example of some of the activities that are planned for the duration of phase 2 of the project include: developing a weekly lunch that brings the community together, partnering with Edinburgh Council to run an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) homework club and with Edinburgh Lothian and Greenspace Trust running sporting activities, providing a community led arts project in the multi-storey flats, an adult literacies group and a Community Newsletter Group using a citizen journalist model.

We will also be partnering with Barnado’s and the Good Trees Centre to further develop intergenerational work with a school. Furthermore, our Community Recovery Worker will offer individual recovery support and group work sessions for people with addictions, in Moredun and Gorebridge and link people in with existing community groups and activities.