We are the Lost and Found Men’s Choir.

Our name comes from the words of one of our signature songs:  Amazing Grace. We feel it suits who we are.

As a diverse group of men from different backgrounds and with different challenges to face, we have all felt lost at some point in our lives. Everybody does.

We all come from different walks of life but we come together, once a week, with one voice to sing together. Under the guidance of a professional choirmaster, we each choose songs we want to sing and then work as a team to shape our own versions of them.

We’ve learnt so much since starting the choir, mostly things we never expected. At the beginning, most of us didn’t know what a three part harmony was let alone know how to sing one!

Using different techniques such as coming in on the ‘off beat’, three part harmony singing and introducing different rhythms we add dynamics to our favourite songs only constrained by our imagination.

We’ve now built up a repertoire of songs we can sing with confidence; even in front of an audience. We’ve really found our voice and a new sense of pride in what we do.

Most importantly, we’ve learnt to work together as one unit, knowing when to wait for our cue and when to go for it.

It’s amazing the power we have when we sing with one voice. It surprised us all.