On the 26th April, the London Marathon was due to take place, but naturally due to current circumstances, the event was cancelled. However, in its place was created the 2.6 Challenge – a chance for supporters to fund-raise for their favourite charity in any way imaginable! The only rule – it had to include the number 26 or 2.6.

Once again, Bethany supporters rose to the challenge and not only raised over £5000 for Bethany Christian Trust but also brought us a lot of joy doing it.

Here are just some of the highlights!

  • Emma read 26 poems in 26 minutes
  • Cordelia painted 26 shells
  • Naomi cycled 2.6 hours every day for 10 days
  • Greg hula-hooped continuously for 26 minutes
  • And 4 year old Isaac cycled, ran and walked 26.2km over 3 days!

Thank you! We have loved seeing and sharing your stories!
You are all brilliant #BCTheroes!