Give Kids A Break

Many children from our communities are in desperate need of a break this summer.  Episodes of homelessness, cramped living conditions, poverty and conflict at home has made the successive lockdowns much harder. Living in crisis without the stable routine of school can make the children we support feel particularly isolated. 

Every summer we send some of the children and families that we support on a holiday to remember.  The holidays provide some respite from difficult conditions at home, and provide an opportunity for children to create lifelong memories with new friends. The holidays also provide an opportunity for Bethany’s support workers to build relationships and trust with the children they support.

By purchasing a voucher you will give disadvantaged children a COVID-safe holiday in Gowanbank and Lendrick Muir.  Activities may include camping, hiking, archery, horse riding, go-karting, water sports, treasure hunts and team building activities. The children who enjoy these residential breaks wouldn’t be able to go on a holiday otherwise.

If we raise more than the total cost of the holidays, the additional income will pay for some of the older kids to receive employability training over the summer holidays. This scheme will help them break the cycle of homelessness and find stable employment upon leaving school.

Join with us to Give Kids a Break– please donate to our appeal and give disadvantaged children a summer holiday to remember.