We think everyone deserves a safe home this Christmas which is why our theme for this year’s Winter Appeal is ‘A Place to Belong’.

Finding a place to belong is a vital step in people’s journey out of homelessness and addiction. This past year, it’s been tough to go through difficult times without our friends and family around us. We know how important it is to have a community when things are hard.

Rebecca, a young Mum who was referred to our services, wanted to share how having a place to belong was the start of her journey to recovery. 

I was drinking heavily due to an abusive relationship.  When I was drunk it felt like his words didn’t hurt as much, his hits didn’t hurt as much. One morning I woke up and I found the strength to leave but the drink had a grip on me by then. 

The support from Bethany gave me a clarification about life, that you can still live. You can change your life. Now I’m off alcohol I’m seeing my daughter again. She’s fourteen months old and it feels amazing to have that contact. 

I just want to belong somewhere. When I’m in my room it’s like a bedroom. Even though I can see the fire notice on the door, it still feels like a home. It puts a smile on my face when people say ‘oh, what are you doing this Christmas?’ For once I’m looking forward to it with both my family and everyone here.   

Through Bethany’s life-changing work, Rebecca and others like her have a place of safety and support this Christmas.

Consider donating to our Winter appeal today so we can help even more homeless and marginalised people find a place where they belong.