This winter season we have been amazed by the incredible amount of over £95,000 raised for Bethany’s Winter Appeal!

After the upheaval of 2020, it’s been really encouraging to end the year with this overwhelming support for those on the margins of our communities who are facing homelessness today. With this help, individuals and families across Scotland will have a place to belong and access to essential facilities. From all the staff at Bethany, thank you to everyone – through volunteering, sharing and donating – who made this possible! 

Rebecca, a young mum and Anne Hope House resident who kindly shared her story in the appeal, wanted to say this to supporters: 

“The main thing I’d like to say is that due to places like Bethany, people come in from different backgrounds, drug, drink, emotional abuse, physical abuse. Sometimes a past can hold you back and you can’t see a future. The support from Bethany gave me a clarification about life, that you can still live. You can change your life.” 

Morag is a Project Worker at Anne Hope House, our therapeutic residential community for women, and has seen the journey of women like Rebecca through Bethany. She added: 

“For many residents Anne Hope House is the first safe home that they have stayed in. For women to feel safe and loved and have a space where they can be themselves is an amazing opportunity. This along with the support that we are able to give the women in Anne Hope House means that lives are being changed. 

I would personally like to give a massive thanks to all the Bethany supporters who have enabled Anne Hope House to be provided in Edinburgh. The support for this house has and will in the future change so many women’s lives in a way that is hard to imagine. Thank you so much for helping Bethany reach out to local women and help them change their path.” 

We hope that in sharing Rebecca’s and Morag’s words directly with you, you can really see the vital and life-changing work that this appeal has enabled.

Bethany’s services are just the start of Rebecca’s journey to recovery, and there are many more stories like hers. If you would like to support this work so that we can continue to welcome people like Rebecca, donate today or get in touch with our team if you have any queries.