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Pray for Bethany

We value your prayers. If you want to pray for us on a regular basis please download the latest annual prayer diary.

The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. Revelation 22:2

PRAY for people who are isolated and far from home. Pray for Bethany that we would be able to offer a refuge for individuals and families—that Bethany Christian Centre and Bethany House would be havens for many people. Please pray for the eradication of hopelessness for the most vulnerable people across Scotland; that fear and despair would be replaced with positive emotions of joy, peace and thanksgiving.

COMMIT to encouraging your church to get on board with Bethany during Homelessness Week in October. Bethany is committed to seeing people established in good accommodation through our Residential Services and Bethany Homes who support individuals in their own tenancy through Visiting Support services.

If you would like to have a prayer diary posted to you for the coming year please contact or call 0131 561 8927.

Download our prayer diary