You worry about a lot of things when you’re 11-years-old.

You worry about that maths test, about going to the big school next year. You worry you won’t be in the same class as your best friend.

One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is whether you have a place to call home.

That was Jamie’s predicament when his mum became homeless following a stormy separation. The family lived in 4 different B&Bs in the space of 6 months. Mum struggled with anxiety and anorexia. Jamie missed school, often.

Thanks to supporters like you, Catherine, our Family Worker, stepped in and provided on-going support. The family is now in permanent accommodation, Jamie’s mum is addressing her mental health issues and Jamie’s schoolwork and confidence are improving.

We need to talk about Jamie because, like the 5,751 Scottish children living in temporary accommodation today, his voice never gets heard. They get caught in the crossfire of parents’ disputes, are often uprooted and have to change school. They are powerless to help themselves.

Please help us meet the needs of children who shouldn’t have to worry about homelessness by donating today.