He spoils the picture. He puts off the customers. He makes us feel uncomfortable at a time when we’d rather enjoy the warm glow of celebrating with friends and family.

At Bethany we would rather he wasn’t HERE either: out on the street, in our Care Shelter, at our Care Van, at our Hostels, on the brink of losing his tenancy, isolated from his community.

We want him safely inside with somewhere to sleep; in one of our emergency units so he can rebuild his life; in a self-sustained tenancy; or even better in a supportive community that catches him before he ever reaches the lowest point; in a family of whichever form that loves him and allows him to love himself and others in return.

We want him HOME

Help us this Christmas not only to get rough sleepers like Colin off the streets, but to prevent homelessness altogether. Starting with the families and individuals who, whether through relationship break-up, mental health problems, addiction, bereavement or deprivation are most vulnerable to losing their home.

Please consider making a donation in support of our winter work.